Tien Yi

Founded in 1986 with the establishment of its flagship House of Canton,
RC Gastronomic has grown into a group consisting of diverse first-class restaurants offering a rich variety of leading international cuisines.

The group is led by one of Hong Kong's most experienced restaurateurs and his seasoned management teams. Before creating RC Gastronomic, the American-educated entrepreneur studied Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, and learned the practical end of the hospitality trade at famous hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong, arguably the least forgiving F&B training ground on the globe.

The mastery of both administration and operations derived from his educational and early working experience is a rare combination indeed for the F&B industry in Hong Kong, where one normally specializes in one side or the other, and it has proven invaluable to him in establishing and running his own business.

Moreover, Hawaii and Hong Kong are places where many cultures converge and interact, affording him the opportunity to gaining a deeper insight into a large number of cultures and their corresponding cuisines.

The key factors in the success of the RC Gastronomic Group were evident at the founding of House of Canton in the mid-1980s, which set the tone, the philosophy and the business model. They are reflected in the five interlinked rings of the company logo, in which each ring symbolizes one of the five elements integral to the philosophy of RC Gastronomic Group – location, atmosphere, value, quality of the cuisine and service.

While success in the achievement and proper integration of these factors requires a mastery of the specifics of the trade, in essence they relate to fundamental principles that, with appropriate adjustments, apply to any successful business endeavour, by reliably providing clients in an appropriate manner and at an acceptable price what they want in the desired quantity and quality, in the right place at the right time.

The selection of location is predicated on a clear knowledge of the target market, and contributes to setting the tone for the quality demanded–of the premises, the management, the personnel, and the product-cum-service, of which the atmosphere is an integral part. The value for the clientele involves the quality and presentation of the cuisine and beverages, the efficiency, skill and attitude of the service personnel, and the ambiance.

All of these attributes can be summed up in the core value of the Group, "heart-to-heart". Dining out is much more than a mere physical experience, but a psychological and emotional one as well. The role of "heart" is crucial.

However, all the above would come to naught without unrelenting attention to the logistical "nuts and bolts" of the operation. Restaurant operations are based on the provision of non-stop service along a vast and complex supply chain that converts raw materials and human actions into goods and services of the highest quality. In this regard, everything down to the minutest detail depends on the members of the staff, the most important assets of RC Gastronomic.  

A core team of skilled and seasoned executives involved with the company from the outset ensures consistency and quality in every aspect of the operation. The skillful execution of policies based on a philosophy of personal development and career building for staff members and the inculcation of "heart-to-heart" relationships between top management and front line staff have borne fruit in the achievement of very low staff turnover.

Evident at all levels of the RC Gastronomic Group's operations is a quintessential professionalism founded on a sure grasp of fundamental business principles, a clear understanding of the nature of the food and beverage trade, and thoroughgoing operational follow-through.

For RC Gastronomic, 2006 was a banner year, a year of expansion that has seen the Group's flagship and existing operations (Ichikawa and Kikuzen) joined by several new brand restaurants in Hong Kong, including  Lanna  Thai  Restaurant,  Kyo  Hachi  Japanese  Restaurant and Tien Yi Chinese Restaurant.

In late 2007, a new brand, named Red Door joined the group to target more consumers of modern Cantonese cuisine and seafood.  This is part of the larger strategy that calls for more operations and new branding across Hong Kong and in other major cities in China in the near future.

雅時美鑒餐飲集團 (RC Gastronomic) 創立於1986年,專營國際美食,品牌不同,風格各異,卻同樣超卓,譽滿香江。









2006 年正好标志着雅时美鉴餐饮集团的里程碑,在同一年内增添了几个新品牌,包括最新丶最高级的中菜「天一酒家」;还有「巨八日本餐厅」和「蓝纳泰」泰国餐厅;连同早已在香港深入民心的「翰腾阁」丶「菊膳日本料理」及「市川日本料理」,所有这些品牌的餐饮设施皆奉行五大元素 ,各显姿彩。

到了 2007 年底,雅时美鉴餐饮集团创设了另一个新品牌 ~「喜悦轩」,旨在为更多消费者提供新派粤菜和海鲜美食。事实上,集团正逐步在香港和中国各大主要城市开拓业务,预期在不久将来设立更多品牌和食府,进一步将融汇了「心思」和「新意」的美好餐饮享受,在中华大地发扬光大。


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